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  • I used to be the girl who refused to speak up, who would hide in the background. I wasn't confident of my opinions and constantly felt small around others. 

    I took the step of courage and spoke up that one time, and the many times after — but I didn't grow this confidence and ability to speak naturally overnight!

    Today, I've trained and spoken to over 5000+ people globally, from kids as young as three to executives in their 50s. I've been featured on multiple local media platforms such as Channel NewsAsia and 938Live.


    Communication training for employees boosted productivity and retention by 12% and delivered a 250% return on investment (ROI) to the company. Which is why...

    Source: Harvard and University of Michigan

    Communication is one of the most highly prized soft skills in the workplace, and many Fortune 500 companies echo this concept. Yet, 80% of HR directors surveyed struggle to find graduates with it.

    Source: Inc. Magazine

    Graduates who did not strive to improve social and emotional skills on the job were less likely to excel in their organisations, according to 83% of the HR directors surveyed.

    Source: Inc. Magazine

  • 1. Effective Communication and Social Skills is considered a non-negotiable skillset in the 21st Century, whether you're an employee or entrepreneur. 

    2. Your brilliant ideas and perspectives will all go to waste if you are unable to communicate them. 

    The good news is that all of us have a Unique Voice. Yes, you too! 

    When you identify, refine and truly Own your Unique Voice, you'll walk into any room with confidence and communicate your message with conviction.  

    I am here to guide you to show up as your authentic self, so you will own your space and feel fully in control when you use your voice. Are you ready for your speaking transformation?

  • Speaking confidently to anyone in any room AND be celebrated for your unique ideas and perspectives. That's Confidence. 

    This FREE Masterclass shares my 3-Step R.A.E. Recipe on how to trust what you say and speak with confidence.

    In 40 mins you will learn how to: 

  • Befriend your fear of public speaking so you'll never be crippled with stage fright again.

  • Awaken your unique voice so you can communicate authentically and stand out amongst your peers. 

  • Master the techniques of speaking, presenting, networking and storytelling without being script-bound. 


    Celebrating the Courage to Transform!

    Here it from those who have Owned Their Voice

    "I used to be so uncertain when I speak. I felt that my opinions didn't matter.

    Now, I share my story on social media and have prospects direct-messaging me!"

    I used to compare myself with other Financial Advisors because they were more extroverted, unlike me. Public speaking and sales were my greatest fears, I was always afraid of being judged.

    Now, I truly believe there is value in my story. I did my first every business presentation to an audience of 300+.

    I post video content regularly on social media and now have prospects direct messaging me, and get plenty of client referrals!


    Financial Advisor & Mom of 2

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    "I used to refrain from sharing my opinions, afraid of being judged.

    Now, I am initiating conversations with industry experts with more than 10 years of experience compared to me!"

    I once blanked out and started trembling during an interview for my dream job. Since then, I've struggled with perfectionism and am unable to think on the spot.

    I've learnt how to rewrite my limiting beliefs, and now, I can share my thoughts impromptu, without a script! 

    My friends noticed that conversations with me are more lively and interesting, and I build rapport so much better during my work meetings. 


    Technology Analyst


    'I used to see public speaking as an insurmountable fear that caused my voice and hands to literally tremble and shake.

    Now, I am hosting my own book club leading discussions on issues close to my heart!"

    In the past, the very thought of public speaking made me anxious. I would over-prepare for days but still feel that I didn't present well.

    Now, I no longer see public speaking as a "terrible evil". I see it as a way to connect, to share, to give, to learn. This paradigm shift helped me see the beauty in my unique voice, and gain confidence!

    I can now tell a story almost impromptu, with greater ease and natural humour.


    Public Servant, PMET


    You have unique gifts, ideas and insights. And in order to stand out, you need to use your unique voice.

    The question is are you going to hide it due to fear, or own it in this world?

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