Owning My Voice Created a Life Worth Living

Growing up, I struggled in school academically while I saw my classmates getting A's and receiving praises in class. I was taught that getting good grades to eventually get a good job was the way to success. Despite studying till 3am every night, I could never earn the A's my peers had, which made me feel like a defect. I didn't see the value in my voice or my presence. I'll let the "smarter" and "more confident" ones take the lead. 

When I finally decided to look inwards to discover the gifts I had instead of envying the skills I didn’t excel in, I started using my voice confidently on stage and in conversations. Since then, I’ve been a professional host for 8 years, spoken and trained over 5000 people, and now coach people all over the world to acknowledge their value and use their voice

“Work hard now, enjoy later.” This was one of the many ‘rules’ I grew up with. Though these rules motivated me to create success in my career, I was working 15 hours a day, peeling myself up from bed and forgetting how I even got to bed. What started out as a business built from my passion of using my voice, turned into my own strict metric of success.

After rounds of burnout, I decided to travel to experience a reality different from the one I’ve been in for over two decades. Since then, I’ve experienced deep perspective shifts from the people I met. I realised I was addicted to success instead of embracing happiness. When I decided to redefine success for myself, I broke free from society’s expectations, and started living a life I love, in which opportunities and financial success naturally followed.

Having found my interest in speaking and training in my early years, I was regularly taking multiple freelance jobs and also started a side-business while in University. I hid my side gigs from my parents, avoiding their frustration when I came home late after gigs. Bit by bit, my relationship with my parents grew distant, and I was constantly battling the guilt of not taking the “ideal path” and the shame of not doing well enough in my freelance gigs.

It was when I decided to have a series of tough conversations with my parents on my dreams and goals, did I start building my business guilt-free and purpose-driven, allowing me to do the work I love today. Today, my parents have my back 100 percent in my entrepreneurship journey. They celebrate every high and journey through every low with me.

By Owning My Voice in every area of my life, I've created a life where I am doing work I love, surrounded by people I love, and living anywhere I want. I've grown my voice to be one that I'm proud of, sharing my ideas confidently on any stage, acknowledging my value and impact. I've created a life worth living, one that exudes joy and authenticity. You can too.

Owning Your Voice is a commitment to living an authentic life, every step of the way. That could be initiating those difficult conversations with your parents or your boss and creating boundaries for yourself. It could be choosing to refine your unique ideas to share them online and create an impact. Or simply deciding to overcome your decade-long fear of public speaking. Owning Your Voice is showing up and speaking up the way you WANT, not the way you think you SHOULD.

My goal is to guide you to build radical self-trust with your voice, so that you can build the career, the business, the relationships, and the life that YOU want, with nothing holding you back. 

Are you ready to own your voice?

What does it mean to Own Your Voice?

Owning Your Voice is choosing to understand and grow your voice to help you live your most authentic life. This means that you'll:

Rewire Beliefs: Peel back the layers as you discover what are the conditioning and limiting beliefs that subconsciously influences your voice. Commit to shedding old beliefs that no longer serve you and claim ownership of new ones that do.

Awaken your Authentic Self: Grow a deeper understanding of what IS your authentic self — your values, passions, unique skills, story, and personality. This allows you to make the decision to show up authentically instead of what the media influences you to be.

Embody your Unique Voice: Master the principles and skills of speaking and communication, so that you can communicate your message effectively. This includes storytelling, networking, stage delivery techniques, leading tough conversations, and more.

Magnify your Impact: Use your unique voice to grow a brand that stays top-of-mind so that aligned opportunities and clients come to you naturally. Grow a community and use your voice and your story to inspire and impact.

This is the Own Your Voice Methodology.

Own Your Voice to Create a Life you undoubtedly Love

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Fun Facts about me!

I'm an adventurous thrill seeker. I love rollercoasters, mountains, rollercoasters ON mountains, anything that would make my heart skip a beat.

I absolutely love meeting people from different parts of the world — listening to their story and experiencing their lives. The pure joy of human connection is one of a kind.

I full on squeal with excitement when I get a good photo taken! My love language is when someone takes photos/videos of me without me having to ask.

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