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I felt that I wasn't good enough to speak up. 

Growing up, I struggled in school while I saw my classmates getting A's and receiving praises in class.

They shared amazing ideas during projects and in conversations. As for me, I felt like I never had anything 'worthy' to contribute. 

I was the girl that hid in the background and wouldn't even look at herself in the mirror. I didn't see the value in my voice or my presence. I'll let the "smarter" and "more confident" ones take the lead. 

  • I started seeking superficial ways to build my confidence.

    I wore pastel suits, dresses and held branded bags. 

    I pierced my nose to look more 'badass'.

    I had a 12-step makeup routine, to feel beautiful and confident, but really..

    I wasn’t confident in my mind and heart. All the beautiful clothes and makeup worked, until...

    The confidence I've bought with hundreds of dollars of clothes and make up vanished in a matter of seconds.  

    I had a full body eczema outbreak, from my face to my toes. I woke up with shards of dead skin all over my bed, and bloody cuts all over my body. 

    I refused to stop wearing makeup, knowing full well that removing it at the end of the day will peel my skin off revealing raw skin. 

    I just felt so ugly without make up. I didn’t speak up, I didn’t wanna use my voice, I didn’t want people to know I was even around. Until one day...

  • I took the step of courage...

    Until one day, I thought, am I going to hide my face and voice away forever? Or am I going to use my voice to continue doing what I love? 

    So I continued to conduct personal development training for youths, attended networking events, spoke and emceed on stage… And people didn’t even bother about how I looked! 

    In fact, the more I spoke and connected with people, the more easily I identified, refined, and grew my Unique Voice. 

    When I started to value what I had to say, people started valuing me too!

    Throughout my life I've seen how confidence (or lack thereof) greatly affects our voice.

    I had many earth angels ( my mentors, coaches, friends) who guided me in discovering my Unique Voice. They saw in me the gifts I didn't initially see in myself.

    Now, I hope to do the same for you. You have a Unique Voice. I am just here to remind you of it, and guide you to discover, refine, and use it at work and in life.

  • Speaking confidently to anyone in any room AND be celebrated for your unique ideas and perspectives. That's Confidence. 

    This FREE Masterclass shares my 3-Step R.A.E. Recipe on how to trust what you say and speak with confidence.

    In 40 mins you will learn how to: 

  • Befriend your fear of public speaking so you'll never be crippled with stage fright again.

  • Awaken your unique voice so you can communicate authentically and stand out amongst your peers. 

  • Master the techniques of speaking, presenting, networking and storytelling without being script-bound. 


    You have unique gifts, ideas and insights. And in order to stand out, you need to use your unique voice.

    The question is are you going to hide it due to fear, or own it in this world?

    © Rae Fung 2021

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