Rae's Courses

Master the art of networking

What you will learn and implement:  
  • Get clear on your networking objectives so that you don't go around having long awkward conversations that don't achieve anything 
  • Exactly how to approach a stranger and build rapport within 5 minutes
  • How to introduce yourself in a non-boring way
  • Seamlessly move from Small Talk to Real Talk 
  • The complete Anatomy of a Conversation, so you'll know exactly how to lead the networking conversation from start to end, leaving an unforgettable impression on the other party 

SGD $99

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Elevate your brand with your unique story

What you will learn and implement:  
  • How to embody your own authentic, powerful and poised brand presence, so that you light up every stage you walk onto and conversation you engage in.
  • Understand the power of storytelling in establishing deep connections, and how you too, can activate your power of storytelling.
  • Practice the art of Story Mining: so that the seemingly ordinary incidents of your life can be turned into inspiring stories, allowing you to elevate your presentations and build a solid personal brand.
  • Learn storytelling delivery techniques so that you can bring your audience on a journey with your voice and body language. You'll hook your audience's attention and impact them with your message. 

SGD $129

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Unravel the story of you

In order to evolve into our next-level self, we need to think and feel next-level thoughts and feelings. Here’s the truth: your current thoughts, habits and beliefs may have served you thus far, but it’s only when you grow beyond your current environment that your personal break-throughs are made.

It is when we learn how to access our subconscious, that we have the power to unlock our full potential and achieve our breakthroughs a lot easier. In this one-of-a-kind 2 hour workshop, you’ll experience the spiritual and practical aspects of owning your story.

In this 2 hour interactive course, you'll grow your awareness about yourself and your perspective of the world  on a whole other level. You;'ll learn: 
  • You’ll gain a deeper awareness of your unconscious conditioning driving your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
  • Knowing EXACTLY what’s holding you back from reaching your next level goals.
  • Learn what it takes to truly live a more authentic and fulfilling life 
  • Leave with practical ways to use your unique story to grow your career and business, especially in speaking, networking, and personal branding

SGD $39

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