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    In order to join the OYV Transformation Circle, please attend this Free Masterclass so we know if we are the right fit for each other!


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    Let's be honest...

    How many job offers, dream clients, and relationships will you allow to slip through your fingers, simply because you can't speak up and show up as your authentic self?

    How long more are you going to hide behind the "louder" people and keep your ideas and opinions to yourself?

    How much more self-doubt, fear and anxiety can you handle when asked to speak or network?

    and How long more are you going to try to speak like others, embarrassed of your own Unique Voice?

    Or Are you Ready for your Transformation?

    This isn't just a "How to speak better" programme... We are talking about Transformation from the inside out. 

    Many of my coachees come to me just wanting to transform the way they speak. They end up transforming the way they see, speak and live. 

    Here are some of the many life transforming wins from my coachees...


    Technology Analyst

    From having massive stage fright and literally blanking out, staying out of conversations out of fear that he says something wrong, and doubting what value he has to offer...

    To confidently initiating conversations with upper management, networking with industry experts on LinkedIn, and turning his usual work calls into livelier conversations. 


    Financial Advisor, Mom of 2

    From having fears of public speaking and judgement, comparing herself to other extroverted financial advisors, and dreading having to approach prospects for sales... (plus being ultra-private on social media)

    To presenting her first ever business presentation to an audience of 300+, sharing powerfully authentic personal stories on Instagram, which attracts her dream clients to direct message her! She now has her own team whom she mentors.

  • Speaking confidently to anyone in any room AND be celebrated for your unique ideas and perspectives. That's Confidence. 

    This FREE Masterclass shares my 3-Step R.A.E. Recipe on how to trust what you say and speak with confidence.

    In 30 mins you will learn how to: 

  • Befriend your fear of public speaking so you'll never be crippled with stage fright again.

  • Awaken your unique voice so you can communicate authentically and stand out amongst your peers. 

  • Master the techniques of speaking, presenting, networking and storytelling without being script-bound. 


    Celebrating the Courage to Transform!

    Here it from those who have Owned Their Voice

    "I used to feel very awkward during zoom conversations with my colleagues, especially senior colleagues, and I struggled to form "non-formal" friendships at work...

    Now, I converse confidently and naturally, being fully present during conversations!"

    Wan Qi

    Global Graduate Analyst in a Bank


    "I used to be extremely script-bound. I had to prepare my script for a whole week and memorise my script over 2 days before a major presentation to senior stakeholders.

    The minute I think of public speaking, I will feel stress, panic and anxiety leading up to the presentation. The entire process was stressful and unpleasant, and I slowly resent public speaking. 

    Within just one week of working with Rae, I could deliver a smooth work presentation, curbing my stress and fear!"


    Partnerships Manager


    "I used to struggle with delivering succinct and impactful messages, and found myself rambling a lot in my video content.  I also found it really hard to be totally vulnerable on camera because I felt that I would lack authority.

    Within just one month working with Rae, I could speak more succinctly in my presentations and video content. I can now incorporate powerful personal stories to captivate my audiences, even through a screen! I even received 100% positive feedback from the audience for my first corporate workshop!"


    Public Servant and

    Confidence Coach


    You have unique gifts, ideas and insights. And in order to stand out, you need to use your unique voice.

    The question is are you going to hide it due to fear, or own it in this world?

    © Rae Fung 2021

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