The Power of Your Voice You May Not Realise (and How to Unleash It)

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Do you feel like you don’t have enough experience to use your voice? Have you ever thought “Let me learn more till I reach ‘there’, then I can contribute my ideas, then I can give people advice”.

Well, this is for you. Your voice has so much power, more than you realise. In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How your voice has actual power, even if you think you’re too young or inexperienced
  • 3 simple yet powerful tips to unleash the true power of your voice

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 00:37: How I helped a client speak powerfully in her presentation and realised the power of my voice
  • 05:58: 3 ways to fully unleash the power of your voice
  • 06:11: How to create unforgettable conversations with people
  • 08:50: How to use your voice to create the outcomes you want when speaking and communicating
  • 13:12: The one habit you need in order to grow your mind and voice so that you will be taken seriously

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