How to Own Your Story to Set You Apart in Your Industry

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In this episode, we’re going to talk about this one thing you have that NO ONE ELSE in the world has: YOUR STORY. No matter how much better you think others can be (which I’m sure they are, because there will always be someone better…), YOU have a unique perspective that no one else has, coloured by your unique upbringing, challenges, race, religion, culture, etc. When you’re able to OWN your unique story and use it in every area of life, you see yourself in a different light, and others do too.

From a business and career perspective, you NEED to own your story to stand out in a crowded market. There are so many brilliant coaches and service-based entrepreneurs out there. There are plenty of smart and experienced people wanting the same job as you, striving for that promotion just like you are. What makes you different?

Here’s the catch: You are different, you may not realise it, or may not be communicating it. Perception is Reality. You and I both know that everyone is unique. But if your potential client or employer sees your profile and it looks just like everyone else’s, they will perceive you to be just another ____ (fill in the blank).

You are unique. Show that uniqueness. You can do that through owning and leveraging your unique story.

In today’s episode you’ll learn not just how you can Own Your Story, but the various ways you can and leverage it to set you apart in your industry. We’ll be talking about Owning Your Story so that you speak up and show up with unshakeable confidence and unforgettable presence. We’ll also be talking about Using Your Story in: building your business or personal brand, creating content that inspires and educates, in your interviews, introducing yourself to someone new, and more!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 00:33: Why is it important to Own Your Story?
  • 01:39: What does it mean to Own Your Story?
  • 04:00: Owning Your Story starts with seeing beauty in the ugly. I share my story of how I got fired from my dream job over a phone call, and what I learnt.
  • 09:37: Powerful questions to ask yourself to see beauty in your story and grow your mindset
  • 11:46: A simple and effective framework to craft your brand story for your business and career
  • 18:32: Using your unique story in your corporate career
  • 20:28: How I used storytelling in my cover letter and got a job during COVID-19 period
  • 24:30: Powerful guiding questions to help you craft your story for your interviews or networking events

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