How to Get Good at Something

15 year old Rae could never imagine that she’d be producing and hosting her own talkshow now, speaking on bigger stages, and have the honour to share her journey.

I grew up being the insecure kid who would hide her voice away. I got average grades at best, and to me, only the smart kids get to share their ideas and stand up to be recognised by the class.

I started emceeing events at 15 because I was so desperate to be good at something, anything. Emceeing gave me the chance to put on an “emcee persona” and use my voice to energise the crowd.

I emceed in void decks, roadshows on the side of the street, makeshift stages, and I grew to enjoy it. I loved the opportunity to meet new people and use my voice to create an event that felt alive – whether it’s a weekend carnival or an 8am tech conference people are taking their coffees into.

From hiding my voice away to using my voice professionally for over a decade, here are 3 lessons I’ve learnt about getting good at something:

1. Every Stage Matters

No matter how many people are in the audience, how much money you’re being paid, how “high-flyer” the client is… give it your 110% in your preparation and delivery.

When I started doing webinar previews, there were times I had 25 people in the zoom room, and times I had 1 person.

I delivered all the same – with the intention to inspire and educate.

Every stage matters. How you show up for the small stages will determine whether you get the bigger ones.

2. Practice doesn’t make Progress. Reviewing your Performance does.

Watch back your recordings. Listen back to your voice. Do an After Action Review (AAR) on your performance.

Many times I cringe watching my videos and I find myself scolding myself in my head — “urgh Rae why did you do that! You were rambling!!”

But you have to review, that’s the only way you can progress.

Ask yourself:

  • What did I do well, and how can I amplify it in future?
  • What didn’t go so well, why did that happen?
  • What can I do now to be better?

3. Compassion Cures Comparison

Have you ever got off the stage after you’ve spoken, with a million and one thoughts in your head thinking “the previous speaker did better!”

I’m sure I’m not the only one…

In those moments, show yourself compassion.

Remind yourself:

  • Of the time and effort you put into practice, you worked hard and you should be proud!
  • How you’ve grown – wouldn’t 5 years ago you be proud?
  • You’re creating a body of work, this is not your last speech, this is a stepping stone towards the next level you!

And if there’s something you’ve been wanting to start getting good at and you haven’t… remember this: Tap on Courage Before Confidence comes.

Constant progress creates confidence, and before progress comes tapping on courage to start!

👇🏼 What’s something you’ve gotten good at over the years?

👀 What’s a skill you’ve been wanting to grow in in this season of your career and life?

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