Weekly Wrap-up: Move from forceful hustle to living with ease and grace

“I’m just tired” — that’s the response I get from most young people when I ask them how they are doing. Either that or I can see it on their faces so clearly – they look exhausted. As I speak to more people who are in different phases of life, I start seeing a trend of the source of tiredness, worry or stress.

  • Before 20s: worry about judgement, striving to fit in
  • 20s to 30s: worry about money, social status, “making it” and being “successful”, often tied with income and material gains
  • 30s to 50s: tired juggling the many responsibilities at work and at home (kids, ageing parents…)
  • Above 50s: worry about what to do next, finding meaning in life, what’s my purpose?

Do you find this to be true? We’re always worrying about something, I’m not surprised at all that we’re tired just thinking.

For those of you who have been following me on Instagram or YouTube for a while, you’ll know that I’m a recovering workaholic. There was a point in my life where I was forcing myself to work 14 hour days.

In June last year, I travelled after 4 years of not doing so. My sister and I spent 10 days in Vietnam, and for the first time in a long time, I experienced the beauty of creation. I experienced the depth of human connection with the Vietnamese locals and the guys we met in our tour group.

And in these moments, I find myself thinking “What am I hustling for?”

I’ve been hustling because my Asian upbringing drilled in me the importance of doing more and working harder than anyone else. I’ve been hustling because I didn’t want to lose out on success and recognition… because I need to be successful in order to be happy… who says?

Have you ever asked yourself: “What EXACTLY am I hustling for?”

After that Vietnam trip I got addicted to travelling. I wanted more of this feeling. I travelled 22 cities in 6 months. There were periods of time where I was moving to a new airbnb every week and it was bloody tiring.

I experienced so many “ah, this is what life is about moments” — bathing with elephants in Thailand, Cruising down with the Apline coaster in Vietnam, Jamming at the back of a cowboy tuktuk driver in Cambodia… but, the heaviness sets in. After a high comes a crashing low. There were many moments I wake up feeling empty and lost. Homesick. I wasn’t missing my home back in Singapore, I was missing the feeling of homecoming that I get when I do work I feel like I was born to do.

Traveling city after city was my way of hustling — moving from city to city to distracting myself from the the honest conversations I needed to have with myself. To remove myself from the quiet moments my soul so desperately needed. When we’re hustling, we are forcefully stopping ourselves from feeling.

Stop Doing, Start Being, and that Starts with Feeling

Our tiredness and stress is trying to speak to us. Have you ever felt SO excited about something that you can’t go to sleep no matter how tired you are? You have a million and one ideas about what you would do and how you’ll make things happen.

I thought traveling was the answer. I thought being in a relationship was the answer. I was seeking excitement and the feeling of being alive.

All along, the answer was already apparent to me. I just didn’t want to see it.

I share more about how I realised what the answer was and the ONE powerful lesson I learnt that changed the way I lived life forever.

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Questions for your Reflection:

Once you watch the video, here are some questions for your reflection:

  1. How do you feel about life now, truly?
  2. How do you feel when you wake up in the morning and when you head to bed at night?
  3. What has your body, soul and spirit been trying to communicate to you?
  4. In what ways are you distracting yourself from listening to your voice?
  5. How can you intentionally create time and space to listen to your voice?

Why does this Even Matter?

  1. For your own mental health and success in life. It’s better to take one step towards the right direction, as opposed to many steps all over the place without knowing where to go. The “right” direction, will feel right only when you listen to your voice.
  2. The world needs you – your energy, your presence, your voice. Each and every one of us has unique voice waiting to be used to serve the world. Nobody else can talk about the topic you’re passionate about as strongly as you. Whether it’s career, entrepreneurship, climate change, women empowerment, or simply inspiring and empowering people to live their best lives – you have a message instead you waiting to come out to serve. But – you can’t serve the world when you’re tired, when you no longer have the energy and capacity to serve.

This is why I urge you to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, build a relationship with your voice, so you may use it in a way that not just fulfils you deeply, but also helps the world.

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